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The Indianapolis Contemporary, formerly the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, is an art museum that features the work of contemporary artists. During each season, a different show will be featured. It is scheduled to close in 2020 due to the fact that the board decided it would not be able to sustain the current exhibition schedule. While the art center will continue to operate, the board has voted to close it. If you’re interested in seeing the latest works, you should plan on visiting before it’s too late at 216 E South St, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

The exhibition “Tone” by Atlanta-based artist Myra Greene, presented by the Indianapolis Contemporary, is an exciting show that is worth checking out. The exhibit will be on view until June, and the Atlanta-based artist is certainly one to watch. Her paintings explore color and culture through dyed textiles. The exhibition features work that will be sure to be a conversation starter. You can view her work at the CityWay Gallery Indianapolis.

Another show at the CityWay Gallery is by renowned British graffiti artist Nick Walker. This exhibit is the first of its kind in Indianapolis and features the iconic character ‘Vandal,’ a bowler-hatted gentleman who paints the world red. The piecework exhibition will also feature the artist’s commissioned works and large murals, which are displayed throughout the building. The art on display will be updated regularly, so be sure to stop by.

A visit to CityWay Gallery is worth the trip. The location is a great place to see local art. It’s located by the Alexander Hotel and is a short walk from the downtown core. During the exhibition, you can purchase artworks and check out a gallery. In addition, you can visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art and learn about the artist’s process. If you’re interested in learning more about her work, make sure to check out her website. Or you can browse next article.

In addition to its unique location, the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s newest exhibit, Tone, is a collaboration between the city’s local arts community and the CityWay Gallery. This exhibit includes both local and international artists and will be curated by the museum’s directors. The resulting art will be a great addition to any Indianapolis area neighborhood. If you’re interested in modern art, check out the new exhibition at CityWay.

The art collection at CityWay is curated by local artists and other artists. To create a memorable exhibition, it’s important to find a place that is special to you. If you can’t decide on a favorite artist, there are many other opportunities to discover new art through their exhibition. The space has an art-oriented, collaborative environment. A gallery is a great way to connect with the Indianapolis community. Check this out.



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