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Thank you for choosing Indianapolis Pest Control. At Indianapolis Pest Control, we hire the most qualified pest control technicians in the area to ensure that you receive the best service possible. We are proud to be serving the Indy community by solving pest and rodent problems in the area.

Admit it, we all hate it when pests threaten our home or family. You could clean your home daily and scrub it top to bottom and still be at risk for pests. Why? Because pests are excellent at finding a way inside – they cannot tell if it clean or dirty, they simply see an entry point and take advantage of it.

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to pest issues but if you have pest problems quite frequently, the issue could simply be the unseen entry points that you haven’t fixed. They keep coming in through the same hole, gap, crack, etc. Inspecting your home, inside and out, for any potential entry spots and fixing any that are found will greatly reduce your risk of pest invasions. Add that to a regular ongoing pest treatment and your property should be protected all year long.

We provide exceptional residential pest control solutions but we can also help you if your business or commercial property has become invaded by pests. Running your business requires most of your time and effort so we’re here to take some of that off of you when it comes to invasive, unwanted pests. Our techniques and solutions are up-to-date and our technicians are experienced and educated in pests and the best ways to eliminate/manage them.

Whether you have a current pest problem or simply want to prevent pests from disturbing your business in the future, we can help. Whatever your pest dilemma may be simply give us a call at (317) 666-4432 or (317) 759-7410 and we’ll help you today.

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